About Me

As a conceptual artist, it's remarkable that 25 years as an Advertising Art Director hasn't squashed my love of Photoshop and image manipulation. In fact, they've gone hand in hand, giving life to my designs and adding conceptual thinking to my images. Advertising will always have a place in my life but as the writer Fred R. Barnard once wrote: "One look is worth a thousand words."


The title of my biography will be "Can you make her look more Asian?." An actual request that I couldn't fulfill. However if you need help training an elephant to walk the high wire–now you know who to turn to. Or if readying 10,000 images for Whole Food's E-commerce site is more your speed, just ask away. It is possible I can make an elephant look more Asian though.

Advertising | Design

Over the past 25 years, I've created award-winning work for national and international clients, including Microsoft, AMD, Applied Materials, Del Monte, Revo, Tektronics and Blue Shield. I was featured in the 1999 Communication Arts Magazine’s Advertising Annual Awards issue and my Blue Shield campaign was called out in Adweek’s Agency Report Card Annual.